Korg KR-55 Pro Rhythm Station

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Experience the same musical support as if a pro drummer were sitting in on your session. The KR-55 Pro gives you an easy way to enjoy jam sessions with the backing of real drum/percussion sounds. It provides a rich variety of input jacks, mixer functionality, effects, and equalizer, as well as a versatile recorder that can record to an SD card. The intuitive interface means that there’s no need for complex programming. Battery-powered operation allows complete mobility from desktop to street performances, or use in a variety of situations including live events in small spaces. The KR-55 Pro features “Real Groove Technology” which uses data recorded from actual professional musicians performing at various tempi, and is a completely different technology than conventional rhythm machines. There are a total of 24 high-quality rhythm styles, each fine tuned to provide the best possible feel, to accurately reproduce the experience of playing with a percussionist. The sounds, grooves, and phrases will play back at pristine quality even if you change the tempo, so you can enjoy playing serious jam sessions at your own pace. Each rhythm style includes a wide variety of patterns: two variations in addition to basic, fill-in 1, and fill-in 2. This means that the KR-55 Pro can provide the accompaniment for an entire song. By using the chain function, which lets you put together and memorize a different rhythm style for each measure, you can freely create even complex rhythm tracks. Up to 30 banks of chains can be stored, and each chain can be up to 999 measures long. The KR-55 Pro features “Acoustage,” proprietary virtual surround technology developed by Korg. This generates a wide stereo effect that appears to originate from locations that are broadly separated between left and right. (Note: Depending on the speakers, it might be difficult to notice this effect.)
* What is Acoustage (Virtual Surround Technology)?
This is KORG’s original and revolutionary virtual surround technology that can create a unique personal acoustic space. Using only front stereo speakers, it can generate a three-dimensional acoustic experience that is unobtainable from previous systems.


Rhythm Function
  • Rhythm Styles
    • 24 rhythm styles, two variations for each rhythm style, each variation has three patterns (basic, fill-in 1, fill-in 2), ending
  • Tempo
    • 48–240 bpm
  • Rhythm Chain function
    • 30 banks (up to 999 measures can be registered in each)
Recorder Function
  • Recording format
    • PCM audio WAV format (file name extension .wav), 44.1 kHz, 16-bit
  • Recording time
    • Depends on the SD card used; approximately 100 minutes per 1 GB
  • Maximum continuous recording time
    • 3 hours
  • Number of songs
    • Maximum 50
  • Number of multitrack recordings
    • Depends on the remaining free capacity of the SD card
  • Undo/Redo
    • Once
Player Function
  • Playback formats
    • PCM audio WAV format (file name extension .wav) 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, Stereo
  • Maximum data size (time)
    • Depends on the memory card used; approximately 100 minutes per 1 GB (for WAV data)
  • Maximum number of data files (number of folders)
    • Up to 99 songs (per folder); a total of eight folders M1–M8 inside the PLAYER folder can be used.
  • Playlist function
    • 10 banks (up to 24 songs can be registered in each)
Mixer Effect Section
  • Effects
    • Reverb effect
  • Equalizer
  • Other
    • ACOUSTAGE (wide stereo effect)
Tuner Function
  • Scale
    • 12-note equal temperament
  • Type
    • Chromatic
  • Calibration
    • 435–445 Hz
  • Tuning Guide tone
    • Three types (guitar, bass, piano)
  • 7-segment four-digit LED
SD Card
  • Usable cards
    • SDHC card 4 GB–32 GB (recommendation)
Input Jacks
  • MIC IN jacks
    • XLR-3-32 type (balanced), input impedance 4.7k ohm, nominal level -43 dBV
  • INPUT 1 jack, INPUT 2 jack (guitar, bass)
    • 1/4" (6.3 mm) monaural phone jack (unbalanced), input impedance 1M ohm, nominal level -26 dBV
  • AUX INPUT jack
    • 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo mini-phone jack (unbalanced), input impedance 10k ohm, nominal level -17 dBV
  • FOOT SW jack
    • 1/4” (6.3 mm) stereo phone jack, usable foot switch: VOX VFS5 foot switch
Output Jacks
  • LINE OUT L/R jack
    • 1/4" (6.3 mm) monaural phone jack (unbalanced), maximum Level: 0dBV 30mW 32 ohm
  • HEADPHONE jack
    • 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo mini-phone jack, maximum Level: 0dBV 30mW 32 ohm
Power Supply
  • Power Supply
    • DC 9V, six AA batteries (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride are supported)
  • Battery Life
    • Approximately 7 hours (when using alkaline batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries) 
    • * Varies depending on the batteries used and the conditions of use
  • Current Consumption
    • 330m A
Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • 244 x 220 x 68 mm / 9.61" × 8.66" × 2.68"
  • 1.4 kg / 3.09 lbs. (without batteries)
Included Items
  • AC adapter (DC 9V)
Accessories (Sold separately)
  • VOX VFS5 Foot switch

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