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The Danley Tapped Horn Subwoofer ™ is a proprietary design which allows us to build physically small subs which are very efficient especially at the low end of their range and are virtually linear in their passband. Subjectively the TH series produce very deep bass from generally very small boxes. They are unlike conventional horns in that combining multiple TH boxes together results in more output, but not significantly more extension.

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Tom Danley has a long history of building subs which challenge the accepted norms. The key to the superior performance of our subs is the tapped horn design. The tapped horn delivers efficiency ratings comparable to a straight bass horn at a fraction of the size. This patent pending invention lets Danley build subwoofers which handle lots of power and produce high sound pressure levels at very low frequencies in relatively small enclosures.

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Amps & Distro

Wide range of  top quality amps and distributors engineered  to work with Danley speakers.

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Our team of specialists in installations will make sure that your product is installed correctly and safely.