Audio Technica ATM350UCW Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Instrument Microphone

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Designed for wind-metal instruments, saxophone and others, the UniMount® ATM350U mounting system offers you the tools to act with confidence. The system includes the ATM350a cardioid condenser microphone, a microphone that supports high levels of sound pressure, and offers a clear and well-balanced response from any instrument. When combined with the AT8491U universal clamp and the flexible, rugged AT8490 5-inch gooseneck included, the mic can be securely attached to the instrument strap and positioned to stay where you want it - the gooseneck will remain static regardless of where the instrument moves when playing.

The cardioid polar pattern of the microphone isolates the instrument by reducing the pickup of side and rear sounds, and the switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter of the in-line power module helps control unwanted low-frequency noise. The system also includes a violin holder (AT8468) with Velcro fastener and a carrying case.

  • Small microphone that goes virtually unnoticed
  • Clear, bright and well-balanced response, even at high sound pressure levels
  • Cardioid polar pattern that reduces the capture of lateral and posterior sounds, improving the isolation of the desired sound source
  • UniMount® AT8491U Universal Clamp that securely attaches to the instrument's mail and provides excellent anti-vibration protection for the microphone
  • Robust UniMount® AT8490 5-inch gooseneck that stays rigid at all times, allowing the microphone to position accurately even during the most aggressive performances
  • In-line power module equipped with a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter that controls unwanted ambient noise 4-pin lockable connector for use with cW style body-pack transmitters
  • Interchangeable elements available for hypercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns
  • Violin support with Velcro fastener is included as an additional mounting option
  • ELEMENT: Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser
  • POLAR PATTERN: Cardioid
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 – 20,000 Hz
  • LOW FREQUENCY ROLL-OFF: 80 Hz, 12 dB/octave
  • OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY: –49 dB (3.5 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
  • IMPEDANCE: 200 ohms
  • MAXIMUM INPUT SOUND LEVEL: 159 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
  • DYNAMIC RANGE (typical): 130 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL
  • SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: 65 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
  • PHANTOM POWER REQUIREMENTS: 11– 52V DC, 3.5 mA typical SWITCH Flat, roll-off
  • WEIGHT (MICROPHONE):5 g (0.5 oz)
  • WEIGHT (POWER MODULE): 90 g (3.2 oz)
  • DIMENSIONS (MICROPHONE):8 mm (1.49'') long, 12.2 mm (0.48'') maximum body diameter
  • DIMENSIONS (POWER MODULE): 92 mm (3.62") long, 18.9 mm (0.74") diameter
  • CABLE:0 m (13.1') long (permanently attached to microphone), 3.2 mm (0.13") diameter, 2-conductor shielded cable with HIROSE HR10-type connector
  • OPTIONAL INTERCHANGEABLE ELEMENTS: UE-H hypercardioid (100°) UE-O omnidirectional (360°)
  • ACCESSORIES FURNISHED: ATM350a cardioid condenser microphone; AT8543 power module; AT8491U UniMount® universal clip-on mount; AT8490 UniMount® 5" gooseneck; AT8468 violin mount (hook-and-loop fastener); protective carrying case

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