Hohner Panther Accordion No Switch GCF Black Includes Bag

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The Hohner Panther is a lightweight accordion of comfortable size with diatonic buttons. This is the perfect model for beginners and intermediates, it has some of the same characteristics found in the most expensive Hohner diatonic accordions at a more accessible price. The Panther model is offered in the key of GCF and FBE with 31 buttons for melody and 12 bass buttons and two voice blocks. They have a rich and robust accordion tone that is perfect for the ensemble and other styles. For a limited time, it includes HOHNER accordion bag ($ 85.00 value)

  • Hohner Panther Accordion in GCF
  • Accordion bag - AGB

You have arrived at the right place for the purchase of your Hohner Panther at the best price in the market, fully guaranteed!

Beautiful love songs and heartbreaking stories of betrayal, mixed with powerful anthems against social injustice and old folk tales. The variety of themes in Vallenato, Tex-Mex and Norteño is impressive - as is the number of suitable accordions. Especially for beginners, who dare the first steps into the world of South American and Mexican music, it is almost impossible to choose the right instrument. Therefore we have added the Panther to our range, a beginner accordion especially for Vallenato, Tex-Mex, Norteño and similar styles.

Musicians who know quality choose Hohner ... Since its first small harmonica factory in 1857, Hohner has been making some of the most respected instruments in the world. Among accordionists, Hohner instruments like this diatonic button accordion, Panther is considered one of the best you can play at such an economical price.


  • Number of notes: 31
  • Buttons: 31
  • Button rows: 3
  • Class: diatonic
  • Voices: 2
  • Keys: G / C / F
  • Standard basses: 12
  • Size: 5 x 19 cm / 12” x 7.5”
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Color: black
  • Reed plate quality: standard
  • Straps: Standard straps
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Hohner accordion bag. Made to accommodate most two- and three-row accordions. The bag's filling protects and cushions your valuable instrument. It comes with a regular handle and convenient shoulder straps.

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