EMG Pickup for Guitars and Bajo Quintos White

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The ACS is EMG's solution for players looking for a great amplified acoustic guitar tone without the feedback issues. Offering a broader frequency range than a piezo pickup, the EMG ACS delivers authentic acoustic tone with enough volume to play alongside a large band.

The ACS employs a unique internal preamp that's been tailored for the phase and frequency response of an acoustic guitar while still retaining a brilliant top-end favored in acoustic guitar tone. Used by champion finger style players and rockers alike, this easy to install acoustic pickup is the answer to your acoustic woes.

The EMG-ACS is a pickup with full bandwidth, used by champion finger style musicians and rockers alike, this easy-to-install acoustic pickup is the answer to your acoustic pains. For best performance, it must be reproduced through a full bandwidth system using a direct box that sends the signal directly to the mixer. If you use an amplifier on stage it must be full bandwidth. The results of “tuned” amplifiers for “piezo” style pickups give poor results. Since the ACS pickup is magnetic, you will find better results with a simple guitar applicator designed for magnetic pickups. The ACS tablet also has a volume control.

  • Color: White
  • Resonance Frequency 14KHz
  • Output noise -96dbV
  • Output impedance (Ohms) 2K
  • 5V Output Voltage
  • Current requirement at 6 volts (microamps) 220
  • Maximum supply (DC Volts) 27

Necessary Tools:
  • Electric Drill 31/64”
  • Brad Point Drill 1/2”
  • Ream 1/16” , 3/32”
  • Hex Wrenches (Included)

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