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This DAS AERO bundle includes:

  • DAS Line Array AERO-20A (12)
  • DAS Subwoofer LX-218CA (6)
  • DAS PL-20S Metal Platform (3)
  • DAS Suspension Structure AX-AERO20 (2)
  • DAS Transport Cart PL-218CS (2) 
  • DAS Cover for Aero-20A FUN-4AERO20 (3)
  • DAS Cover for LX218CS FUN-3-LX218CS (2)
  • DAS Power Distro DASNET-RACK26 (1)
  • DAS 66' ECP-20 cable (4)
  • DAS 10' ECP-3 cable (6)
  • DAS Jumper of 3' EC-09 (10)
  • DAS AC Jumper 3' PLINK-1-09 (10)
  • XLR CABLE 100' (2)

The Aero 20A is a new compact line array system that incorporates the ALAS ™ philosophy and shares the enormous success of the “off-road” capabilities of the Aero 12A, launched in 2009. The Aero 20A includes the latest technical achievements of D.A.S. in the design of transducers, power electronics and system management. The low-medium range incorporates a new D.A.S. of 12? Optimized to provide great power and reliability. A lightweight aluminum coil coupled to a new fiberglass reinforced cone, an optimized magnetic circuit and a new suspension design contribute significantly to the exceptional performance of 12AN4 in terms of distortion, power delivery and maximum SPL.

The high frequency response lies in a compression-waveguide engine set developed for the Aero 20A. The M-75N compression engine features a powerful neodymium magnetic structure, titanium diaphragm and 3? Coil. (75 mm). The assembly system has been redesigned with tighter tolerances and a new ring that increase engine power capacity. The M-75N is coupled to a new resonance-free aluminum waveguide that offers natural sound. The Aero 20A is built in birch plywood and finished in ISO-Flex black paint that offers excellent protection and durability. Two individual assemblies comprising the high frequency waveguide and a 12-seat speaker? They are attached to the front of the enclosure. These assemblies also dissipate heat from the components, improving power compression. Assembled at the rear, is the aluminum heat sink where the amplifier and related electronics are housed.

A new fixing system offers greater ease of use, allowing the selection of angles during stacking on the carriage. The locking system can be activated to ensure the angles between boxes during stacking or flying processes. Safe handling and precise adjustment are achieved thanks to the AX support and its low profile fly bar that reduces the necessary space between the highest hitch point and the top of the array.

The Aero 20A provides the best features in an innovative product for the live sound market. Providing exceptional sound quality, ease of use and durability, the Aero 20A reinforces the reputation of D.A.S. in the manufacture of products that work optimally for years.

  • New Class D amplifier 800 W LF + 400 W
  • DASnet ™ remote management and monitoring capability
  • New quick assembly system that facilitates flying / stacking
  • New 12AN4 speaker
  • M-75N Enhanced Compression Engine
  • New HF waveguide of specific design
  • Improved general benefits and higher SPL
  • Complies with IP43 regulations


    • Nominal Power Amplifier LF: 800 W
    • Nominal Power Amplifier HF: 400 W
    • Frequency Response: 60 Hz-20 kHz
    • Nominal Peak SPL at 1 m: 136 dB
    • Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB): 90º Nominal
    • Vertical Coverage: Depends on the Tilt Angle
    • Enclosure Material: Birch Plywood
    • Color / Finish: Black / ISO-flex paint; IP43 regulations
    • Connectors: Input: Female XLR / Loop Thru: Male XLR / DASnet Input: etherCON / DASnet LOOP THRU: etherCON / AC Input: powerCON TRUE1 / AC Output: powerCON TRUE1
    • Nominal Voltage: 3.6 A, 115 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz / 1.8 A, 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 31.7 x 64.7 44.3 cm / 12.4 x 25.2 x 17.3 in
    • Weight: 34.5 kg (75.9 lb)

    The LX-218CA is a powered subwoofer system designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension and distortion. The LX-218CA incorporates the 18LXN long excursion cone transducer. The newly developed 18LXN loudspeakers are a significant improvement over their predecessors offering increased power handling, reduced distortion and power compression.

    The LX-218CA incorporates a new high power (2400 W) and high-volt­age amplifier design providing ample headroom and accuracy. The amplifier uses the latest Class D design. The automatic dual voltage selector ensures a “no hassle” mains setup anywhere in the world. The amplifier incorporates a selectable preset allowing users to arrange cardioid configurations of 2 or 3 units.

    The subwoofer can be stacked vertically on the PL-218CS dolly facilitating transport in touring applications of up to 3 units. For the transport of individual units, an optional rear casters kit (KITW-100) is available. The LX-218CA can be upgraded to the “R” version by way of the optional rigging hardware kit (KITR-LX218C) which includes the captive rigging system, fasteners and 8 mm quick release safety pins needed for one cabinet.

    • Powered high performance subwoofer system
    • 2400 W Class ”D” amplifier
    • 2 x 18LXN long excursion loudspeakers
    • Front loaded bass-reflex configuration


    • Performance

      • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 28 Hz – 100 Hz
      • Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m: 142 dB

      Electronics and Connectors

      • Nominal Amplifier Power (continuous): 2400 W
      • Nominal Amplifier Power (peak) : 4800 W
      • Input Type: Balanced
      • Input Impeadance: 20 kohms
      • Input Sensitivity: 1.95 V (+8 dBu)
      • Audio Signal Loop Thru Connector: 1 x Male XLR
      • AC Input Connector: powerCon NAC3FCA
      • AC Output Connector: powerCON NAC3FCB
      • Operating Range: 90-250 VAC
      • Current Draw 115 V: 6.2 A
      • Current Draw 230 V: 3.1 A


      • Enclosure Construction: Birch Plywood
      • Enclosure Geometry: Rectangular
      • Rigging M10 Rigging Points
      • Finish: ISO-flex Paint
      • Color: Black
      • Dimensions ( H x W x D ): 555 x 1.285 x 635 mm 21.9 x 50.6 x 25.0 in
      • Net Weight: 82.0 kg ( 180.8 lb )


      • LF Driver: 18LXN


      • Shipping Weight: 87.0 kg ( 191.8 lb )

      The DASnet ™ Rack26 is a power, signal and data distribution system assembled in a robust 10-unit rack. It consists of four elements: 32A Racknet Distro, DASnet ™ Patch Powercon, DASnet ™ Patch 26 and DAS DSP-2060A.

      The Racknet Distro is a three-phase power distributor consisting of three-phase input and output connectors, automatic switches for each phase and single-phase output connectors.

      The DASnet ™ Patch Powercon allows the distribution of power between 6 different devices that make up the system easily and safely.

      The DASnet ™ Patch 26 is a module that allows you to connect up to 6 balanced and processed audio channels and monitor up to 6 zones or groups of DAS self-powered systems using DASnet ™ (data).


      • Power Distributor Type: Racknet Distro, 32 A, 400 V
      • 3 Phase Active LEDS
      • Protection: 1 x RCD40A / 30mA / 4P / 6 x MCB 20A / C / 1P
      • Connectors: AC in: 32A / CEE / 400 V / 5P / AC Thru: 32A / CEE / 400 V / 5P / AC Out: 6 x 16A Shuko + aux / Audio in: 2 x Female XLR / Audio Out: 6 x Male XLR / DASnet In: Female XLR / DASnet Out: Male XLR / Ethercon Out x 6 / Audio Link x 6 / DASnet RS485 in / out
      • Rack Size: 10u
      • Construction: 9mm birch plywood / Wheels with 100mm brake / 20mm high density foam / Front / rear covers / Quality closures
      • Dimensions (H x W x D): 70.1 × 58.2 × 87.3 cm (with wheels) / 27.6 × 22.9 × 34.4 in (with wheels)
      • Weight: 36.5 kg (80.3 lb)

      Model: PL-20S

      Metal platform to stack up to 4 u. Aero 20A


      DASnet Splitter is a steel box made for analog audio distribution, data monitoring (DASnet), and to stream different devices with simplicity (the number of devices will depend on the electrical consumption of the system).

      Model: AX-AERO20

      Suspension structure for Aero 20A. Includes pick up bar (1), coupling parts (2) and safety pins.

      Model: PL-218CS

      Transport trolley for 3 units of LX-218C / LX-218CR / LX-218CA / LX-218CRA.

      Model: FUN-4AERO20

      Carrying case for 4 Aero 20

      Model: FUN-3-LX218CS

      Carrying case for 3 LX218CS

      Model: ECP-20


      Model: ECP-3


      Model: EC-09

      DASNET 3ft (90cm) JUMPER

      Model: PLINK-1-09

      3ft (90cm) POWERCON TRUE-1 AC JUMPER

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